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Author Signed - The Trojan Alphabet Book

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Fight On!  This book is darling and my only issue is that it wasn't around when my kids were little! I love the illustrations and the sense of history. My dad was at SC when George Tirebiter was alive but by the time I was there, no one really knew about him. Now he has his own statue on campus and my son and I have a photo with George. I can't wait to give this to my BFF's daughter who went to USC when she is expecting a baby. We are the Trojan Family, after all.

-Patricia M.

Touches my Trojan Heart.  Each page brings the emotion of Trojan football, and provides a moment to talk with the next gen about great coaches, players, games, song girls, spirit leaders, mascots, and traditions. I remembered my dad talking about ol' Tirebiter chasing after cars.

- C. Williams

My child loves The Trojan Alphabet! Great book!  My child absolutely loves The Trojan Alphabet! It’s an entertaining and engaging book that takes kids into the history and traditions of USC and its historic football program. Very clever and well written with outstanding illustrations! I highly recommend it to any youngster who is a sports fan or simply wants a fun way to learn the alphabet or new words. Nice job Mr. Kendrella!

- C. Anderson

Great for all ages and wonderfully written.  Awesome book that helps teach kids not only the alphabet but about USC. Winner

- Customer

Coach them Early!  Our 3 yr old son loves the “Football book”! The writing and illustrations are wonderful. Fight on!

- R. Fleming

I just got mine and I love it!  If you are a true Trojan, I promise you will love it as well!

- @usclatina

I love it!  I bought one for my kids and one for my brother who graduated from UCLA.

- @angelsfan1522

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